World Solution

Just so ya'all know, I have sussed out the solution to all the worlds problems… I have figured I am right since if Chaos and Mayhem can get their lollies together and make up then all the rest of the worlds problems should be a breeze.. 😉 they did not get their nicknames for no reason…
If only the solution was as simple as just sitting down and enjoying a snack together 🙂

Note the deployment of the sprinkles on the hot chocolate, always a winner 🙂 and of course the home made banana bread – there's a story behind that 🙂
Made by yours truly with leet bakin' skillz using bananas grown locally in our community garden Camdenville Paddock Community Garden. I never would have thought you could grow bananas in sydney and ones as awesome as these are, they are now getting to the end where they are getting all black an stuff, but perfect for banana smoothies and banana bread, the former a staple in our household 😉

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