Climate. Its simple, Newton wrote a bunch of clever laws one which can be drawn on as an analogy for for this.For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, maybe forget the equal part for now… so you put 7 billion earthlings on the planet, cut down half the trees, decimate the ecology, poison the air and water (I have just got those two tailing dam collapses in Brazil in my head at the moment, you know there was one this year, by the same company which f’ed up the tailing dam 5 years ago – Vale.. why does that not garner a bunch of outrage ? ) and eat most of the available meat (think fish here) on the planet and there is gonna be reaction.. just taking a punt here, but thats probably not gonna be a good reaction… if we are seeing any level of this reaction in our insignificant lifespans then sure as shit something is going on… its not rocket science, which segway that shit into NASA, last time i checked they had something to say about ‘Climate Change’… just go to their webbie and read the bit about “Facts – evidence” and remember these are the people that put people on the moon, thats a bit harder than it looks, commonly referred to as rocket science

Heres an appropriate picture of me staring off into a seemingly nuclear holocaust sunrise behind a pool of golf course fertiliser green water

Climate. Its simple
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