Shelf Life

burning time

Carrying on the theme of midday seascapes and attempting to shoot something half decent when all the light is well.. just flat and pretty wrong, this was a quick long exposure while trying to un-snag my fishing rod…. again, by the way I caught absolutely zilch, methinks fishign and photography kinda go together, you have to do them at ridiculous times of the day to nail one 🙂

The chaps out there fishing where kind enough to hang five while the 3 minute exposure finished off, there was some post work to sharpen them up a bit since there was some blur there, however all in all it was ok.

I really loved the green stuff in the foreground but wanted to get close to use that line of the rock to lead my image right up to the fisherman, however in the interest of safety and not needing to get wet, I elected to include the green slippery stuff for my foreground. If there was a stick out there to hang off, +Kitten KaboodleInc i would have done it 🙂

Single shot
Techie data:
D7000 with Nikkor 17-55mm f2.8 @ 19mm – Aperture: f/19 and Shutter Speed: 182.5 seconds
out front – Hoya CPL and B+W bigstopper.

I welcome any suggestions, comments and improvements to my photography, they are always warmly welcomed and I always appreciate the time people take to have a look, plus and/or comment.

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