The rise of the Citadel

This premium little spot up on the headland between Bondi and Tamarama lends itself to pretty well anything you put in it, from the geodesic dome, to the big head blowing bubble gum to the wind chimes, they have all looked pretty sweet at this spot. I reckon tho, the dome was by far the best so far 🙂

This art installation is part of the sculptures by the sea 2015, its got mirrors on the other side which would look pretty cool at sunrise, but other than that I go not idea what it is or what its meant to do or represent 🙂 but it does look pretty cool with a little extra lightpainting and torch work.

I timed this 450.6 second exposure with the moon just rising, i am pretty keen to do a set of star trails on this spot as well, even with this relatively short exposure (from a star trail point of view) the stars stand out pretty nicely.

Exif / shot love:
D750 coupled with Samyang 14mm f2.8 @ 14mm Aperture: f/5.6 and Shutter Speed: 450.6 seconds
ISO 100
out front – sculptures by the sea art

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