The Weeping Swirls

The beautiful thing about the Weeping Falls (or as I know them the lower Bridal Veil falls) is the amount of different perspectives on the falls, over on the left crouched between a few rocks I noticed this nice little eddy current swirling around (only after taking the first 30 second shot 🙂 )

The lush green foliage, the fog and the filtered light worked perfectly to light the scene, even at 30 seconds it was a striggle to capture all the shadow detail.

Techie data:
D7000 with Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 @ 11mm Aperture: f/9.5
out front – Hoya screw in circular polariser and neutral density filter (3 stops)

As always, I welcome any suggestions, comments and improvements to my photography, they are always warmly welcomed

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  2. +Rodney Campbell , the falls mate it easy, as you know, i always say its easy to take nice pictures of stunning locations and this is certainly one of those.
    The little bubbles down in that corner barely moved, i do have another slightly wider shot which reduces the impact of those a bit, prolly won't post it tho, i am tiring of waterfall shots 😉

  3. +Pieter Pretorius
    very good point and I did take a few without the ND and just with the CPL on – the water looks pretty much the same between 15secs and 30 secs and really at 30secs you get more chance of of foliage movement 🙂 so why did i use them this case it helped push the time out a bit to get more of a swirl in the foreground, the other reason was I was a bit too lazy to change and really any filter change means moisture droplets etc hence i just grinned and beared the extra 15 seconds 🙂
    thanks for the comment mate.

  4. +Double Shot
    nice stuff, you will not be disappointed, its a great lens, i have the older version and its worked very well for me over the last couple of years. My only gripe is the very limited range ie 11-16mm other than that its pretty well perfect.

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