A slight change from my usual displays of green mossy stuff – i came across this quite bizarre yellow rock coverings that seemed to be nicely timed with the predawn yellow of the sky.

Well done nature, 3.5 stars for you today.

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21 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. Fantastic capture +Gerard Blacklock . Thank you for your awesome contribution to +HQSP Natural Other; and as a result, this outstanding photo of yours has been selected for the +HQSPPromotion page .
    Congratulations :))
    p:s Please feel free to update your list of curators for our theme as it has recently changed to
    +HQSP Natural Other curated by +Sean McLean +Valesa Diamontes +Delcour Eric +Jean-Noel Nicolas and +Joy mum
    (Vincent Dale is no longer curating +HQSP Natural Other)
    Kindest Regards
    +Jean-Noel Nicolas

  2. Don't know for sure but there is just something about fog that make a picture seem like you can smell rain when you see it. Nicely done. Ty for sharing it

  3. Great composition of objects and colors. The eyes fly really nice from the bottom to the top. Really nicely done with the long exposure, so the water deforms to this soft misty texture. Absolutely like this one!

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