Sydney Opera House

Are tired of vivid shots yet ? well you have another week of it until it all gets wrapped up but I am sure the images will still flow long after that 🙂

The Sydney Opera House is probably the most premium location and canvas for the Vivid festival, its seen by millions (thats just my guess without any real data 🙂 – but considering how many see it just in their daily commute i reckon its gotta be in that realm) so you wanna get it right.

I was not overly enthused by the display this year, very animated and not many wow moments. I did however do a bit of research on these mad projectors (Barco) which project the images / animations onto the sails, pretty cool things, the lens must be something pretty special and the bulbs that sit behind them… wowsers, however I did note that the bulbs have a life of 500 hours which i pretty good i reckon, you could do quite a few vivid sessions on a set of bulbs 😉 although you do have quite a few projectors for just one location :-O

The following images are a selection of some of the better projections imo 🙂 I did love the big bold colours as opposed to the funny animations 😉 Be sure to zoom in, its large res just for that 🙂

Exif love:
D750 coupled with Nikkor 24-70 f2.8 @ 62mm Aperture: f/3.2 and Shutter Speed: 1/4s
ISO 1000
out front – colourful opera house.

24 thoughts on “Sydney Opera House

  1. +Chris Sutton
    very true – maybe rather than bigger and better, smarter and more engaging? I really liked the Sydney uni projections, I felt the projections had more meaning than getting a 'wow' out of the crowd, at the very least it gave some portrail of the Aboriginal culture, new and old.

  2. Thank you +Gerard Blacklock …yes you have done a good job there. Agree that this year's offering has been very disappointing, especially the Opera House. The animations are running too fast and as you say there is no WOW factor. Some look like the offerings of a school child . My guess is that the budget was lower, or they were trying to spread themselves too thinly. Oh well still a bit of fun. Cheers

  3. Come down to +White Night Melbourne​ next year mate. I'll show you around 🙂
    That goes for any Sydney photogs that come down btw. It's basically vivid constrained to a couple of square km and runs for 12 hours 7pm to 7am. You think vivid is crowded? Ha! One million people fill Swantson St pretty nicely.

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