The National

nope not the band, the falls

perfect conditions for a little LE, purely for the clouds of course. The tree on the top was just awesome, reminds me of a falls on the Gibb river road with a fat Boab tree on the top of the falls.

Kudos for +Rodney Campbell and +Suren J for joining me, particularly Suren, we will get you over your fear of heights 😉

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41 thoughts on “The National

  1. Very nice Gerry – my bigstopper of this scene didn't turn out well at all. You got some really nice cloud streaks in yours and more of the cool trees up the top – they were pretty gnarly 🙂

  2. Thanks +Jay Patel
    It was just about perfect conditions, as noted there was little if any wind on the ground, any movement in the trees was caused more from water movement induced airflow. The clouds had just some over and in the space of about 10 minutes there was no blue sky left in the scene – so it was pretty good timing also. I did have a better exposed image after this one, but the sky was just a mess of white.
    I also did take a extra shot at fast shutter with the intention of blending out out any movement, but it was not worth the time.
    There is a bit of movement in the tree up top, but not enough to warrant 20 minutes (for me any way) of manual blending in PS.

  3. +Grant Galbraith
    It is a really great location (the whole of the park really) if you do go here, be sure to go here (the lower falls) which is a bit further of a walk down the road past the upper falls sign.

    Thanks for taking the time to look and comment +rama yadav , +Terrie Gray , +buda pest , +Erick Puentes , +Rita Gijbels , +Donald Long, +Grisel C. , +BTP Landscape Pro , +Delcour Eric , +remigio carfagno , +Anatoliy Urbanskiy , +Aban Dokht and +Hallie Guilfoyle

  4. +Rodney Campbell
    yeah i cut the lower part of the falls out for this composition, purely for the addition of the clouds, this shot was the only one i got there which had nice streaky-ness. Surprisingly the dynamic range was not that high for this particular frame.
    Very gnarly tree up top. 🙂

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