The sky that might fall

I love singular trees on hills, they make such interesting subjects.
Processed using Nik's silverfex, a very handy quick and dirty BW processor.

I appreciate the comments that people leave and I welcome any suggestions, comments and improvements to my photography, they are always warmly welcomed!

40 thoughts on “The sky that might fall

  1. Yes i agree…me too i liked this concept that you have ….black and white color….very simple and so natural but truly full of beauty and loveliness…featured of singleness but standing strong and with great pride…..nice work +Gerard Blacklock…i loved it…

  2. lol +Aravindhan Padmanabhan yeah.. well just one day i was looking at the lens thinking it was pretty filthy and I should clean the front and rear elements so i just flicked the aperture lever on the lens to open the blades and noticed one had come loose and not 'aperturing' with the others 🙂 dunno how long it was like that 🙂 I have in the meantime time partially diassembled it to try and re-seat the offending blade. Its a bit tricky since i do not have any manuals or IPC for the lens so I do a bit then reassemble so that I can be assured i get it back together correctly…hopefully in the next round i will get to the blade 🙂

  3. +Aravindhan Padmanabhan this is a samyang version of the 85mm if i had the nikkor 85mm 1.4 i would have been very cranky 🙂
    The lens are precision items however they all are pretty similar in their basic design – i repaired a nikon 28mm f2.8 lens a couple of years back, it had oily aperture blades, took me a couple of goes but I cleaned it and put it all back together and still works fine 🙂

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