Well it is that time of year again, sculptures by the sea, a great time to view the scenery at Glamamara.

View large, you know its a crime not to!

As usual and its becoming a dirty habit, +Suren J and +Rodney Campbell and myself get together and smash some light all in the name of trying to create something different than the run of the mill sculpture shots.

Its a wild world out there in sculptures by the sea, there must be a million bucks in photography gear alone on each given day as enthusiasts flock to grab a shot.

anyway, the ball full of water was on my list of ones to do – given the security guard was not gonna let us anywhere near the actually ball (grr) meant that i was not gonna get to do my bum cheeks against the ball, or my GP-5 mask or any EL wire….party poopers..

anyway so the following had to suffice. a pair of 15 dollar lasers (less than 1mw – so don't get excited or ) and coloured torch was all that was needed.

+Rodney Campbell on the red colour and myself and +Suren J on the lasers, however i think suren was more interested in lighting up the nudie couple in the house across the bay.

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  1. Nice one +Gerard Blacklock (even though we did shoot quite different angles on this one, they do look pretty similar – I guess with less of a frame of reference to see the different perspective and the light show in the orb looks similar from any angle it seems).
    This is quite a bit less magenta than mine (is this your AutoWB or did you adjust?) and my daughter made me take out all the obvious star trails in mine 🙂

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