Green Balls

A small rugged section of coastline in the Royal National Park just 40 minutes south of Sydney. The RNP (Royal National Park) has an almost unlimited number of great locations from clifftops to rockshelfs to scrub and of course waterfalls.

This particular spot, Garie Beach is a very popular with keen Surfers and Bushwalkers – it is on the route for the Coastwalk which travels pretty much the full length of the park.

This sweet green mossy rocks jumped out at me and was perfectly timed as some nice cloud swept across to add some interest to the sky.

Note, Garie beach surf club and facilities are great, for something that has no connected power, water or sewerage its got damn good facilities, nicely done.

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23 thoughts on “Green Balls

  1. Ahh so this is where you got to when +Suren J and I were slumming it back at the beach +Gerard Blacklock :). Very nice compo Gerry and good amount of stoppage – will def have to check this out next time we are here.
    I reckon the rocks (esp the half shadowed ones) got a little too crunchy here in PP tho – but I guess it contrasts well with the smoothness of the sky and water,

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