The Devil

There are a number of advantages of having kids, yes contrary to popular belief there are some 🙂 one such advantage for me, is that get to go to the zoo on a disturbingly regular basis, normal i do not even bother with a camera, since most time is spent carrying someone, however this time I did.
Tassie devils are very cool and to see them in the open, even at a zoo is pretty rare, i have only seen one in the wild, near cradle mountain in tassie on the side of the road hissing at us as we drove by 🙂
This guy was sunbaking and as we entered (being the first for the day: ) ) and at the first sign of us went off and hid 🙂

Its also great to hear +San Diego Zoo has taken several onboard in the US, especially given then threaten nature of this species in tassie (facial tumors- cancer)

+Jay Patel, sorry for missing the hangout, i was at least doing something photography related 🙂

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